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    We wrote this free guide to help anyone – from bloggers to business owners to make their website without having to learn code. With this guide, there’s no need to hire a professional designer, developer or experienced web design company to make your website, just follow the steps. The website is under construction, but meanwhile, check out WordPress Hosting UK.

    About Us

    NEW website

    Assist-UK is a place where we can share the knowledge from our experiences starting blogs and websites, while drinking coffee. We made this site for anybody who wants to learn more about blogs and blogging.

    OLD website

    The former website of Assist UK led a UK wide network of locally-situated Disabled Living Centres. Most centres include a permanent exhibition of products and equipment that provide people with opportunities to see and try products and equipment and get information and advice from professional staff about what might suit them best. There are over 325 advisors throughout the network who respond to an average ¼ million enquiries made each year. Disabled Living Centres also provide a valuable source of information relating to access, design and equipment for daily living. This can be especially useful to carers, older people and healthcare workers, students and manufacturers.

    The Network

    Assist UK was the National network for advice on independent living equipment. Currently there are 41 member centres. Assist UK was the only organisation in the UK to connect clients, manufacturers, regulators and professionals.


    Assist UK supported the development of centers to meet national quality standards for product information and advice. In addition they provided a comprehensive range of services in support of members. These include Exhibitions, Conferences, Training, and Consultancy. Members received an advance notification, priority reservations and reduced prices. Members also receive a discount.


    Membership of the Assist UK network was open to voluntary and statutory organizations, individuals and the corporate sector.


    Assist UK was supported in its work by statutory and commercial organizations. A considerable part of that work was undertaken for the Departments of Health, Social Services, DNA and Employment Services.

    Their Vision

    To work towards the day when products for independent living are seen as part of everyday life.

    Their Mission

    To empower all individuals with knowledge and choice on available Assistive Technology products to optimize their independence. Fight with caffeine overdose: A total of 92 cases have been identified of death by caffeine overdose. These events happened more frequently in infants, psychiatric patients, and athletes. Although caffeine intoxication is relatively uncommon, raising awareness about its lethal consequences could be useful for both clinicians and pathologists to identify possible unrecognized cases and prevent related severe health conditions and deaths. Use this caffeine calculator to calculate the amount of caffeine you are intaking with different types of coffee. Thanks to VPNFinder for the support!

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    If you have any questions at all about blogging/starting a website after reading the guide, please do not hesitate to contact us below.

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